An international brand established in China, part of a leading Italian industrial concern specialising in integrated treatment centres for the dental sector, including units, instruments and digital imaging.

Suzhou Victor Medical Equipment Company

With nearly 40 years experience in the dental sector, the Suzhou Victor Medical Equipment Company offers a range of highly reliable treatment units designed to respond to the needs of dental professionals in fast-developing markets. Driven by the technological expertise and creative flare of Italian culture, the manufacturing plant in Suzhou is geared to ensure maximum  productivity, typical of Chinese efficiency and scrupulous discipline.
Present throughout China in the private and public health sector, Victor offers a consolidated regional sales force and qualified technical and after-sales assistance. Commercial and technical staff also offer extensive international coverage


Cefla Medical Equipment

As part of a leading European dental equipment manufacturer, the complete Victor product range benefits from the integration of modern technologies and genuine Italian design in order to provide dentists with high-performance equipment and ergonomic features, with an excellent price-quality ratio.
The growing popularity which Victor equipment is enjoying on international markets today is the result of greater focus on advanced technologies, certified hygiene systems and excellent reliability, all of which can be directly and indirectly attributed to the expertise of a global player such as Cefla Dental Group.



Suzhou Victor Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
No. 85, Suli road, Suzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China (215168)

tel. +86 512 65657989 Extension: 6100,6101
tel. +86 512 65657989 Extension: 6016, 7000
fax +86 512 65623770 


Cefla Medical Equipment

Via Bicocca, 14/c, Imola 40026 BO, Italy

tel. +39 0542 653441
fax +39 0542 653601 

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