SYTPLUS simulation unit


A practical, versatile training simulator for students of dental medicine, which easily adapts to any treatment solution.


Easy to use and realistic

The SYTPLUS simulation unit is designed to provide realistic working conditions for students and enhance their technical skills as well as tutoring them with regard to correct working ergonomics. The use of advanced technology and top-quality materials make SYTPLUS a highly reliable yet easy-to-use dental simulator, particularly suitable for intensive use.

  • Dental simulator
  • Dental simulator

Fully kitted out

SYTPLUS incorporates a pneumatic suction cannula and suction waste collection tank. Spray water delivery is independent from the mains supply thanks to use of a dedicated tank built in to the simulator. The simulator can be used without requiring modifications to existing systems, but can also be connected to the mains water supply. The handpiece holder comes complete with 2 Midwest kits and 1 syringe.

  • Simulation unit
  • Simulation unit

Movement flexibility

The handpiece holder with tray holder module features extensive excursion, able to simulate working positions between 9 o’clock and 1 o’clock, thus ensuring a vast array of operating set-ups. Phantom height is adjustable and can be tilted over 70° and up to simulation of the Trendelenburg position. A ‘home’ position and two saved working positions are featured. Movements are managed via the control panel and foot control.

  • Flexible training simulator
  • Flexible training simulator


NEXT electric micromotor NEXT electric micromotor
Suction system filter Suction filter
CPV halogen lamp CPV halogen lamp
Independent water supply ASCWC set
ThirtyEight doc stools ThirtyEight doc stools
Foot control Push foot control

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